My blog says Linda Therese, but no one really calls me that. I go by the name of Linda (although some of my colleagues have started calling me Linus) and I am Norwegian. More correct: I’m North Norwegian. If you know anything about Norway you’ll know that this is important to point out.

I: write, run, take photos, draw, read and travel.

Oh, and I’m a literature student.

Happy Camper

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

Aristotle/Aristoteles (384 BC – 322 BC)


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  1. Kjempeartig blogg!!!

  2. HI Linda

    I’m a PhD student at Loughborough University in the UK. I found your name on the list of people who follow 23andme on Twitter, and followed a link in your profile to your blog. I was wondering if you’d be willing to fill in a survey for my PhD research, it’s for people who have either bought a genetic test from a company like 23andme, or are thinking of doing so.

    There’s more information and a link to it at http://www-staff.lboro.ac.uk/~lsctre3/survey.html , it should only take about 10 minutes and would be really great if you could! If you have any questions then please email me at c.t.r.egglestone3@lboro.ac.uk


    Corin Egglestone

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