Moving Day Coming Up

I haven’t packed.

I am about to leave Norway for Canada in 3 days and I haven’t packed.

It’s not that I don’t want to, but times are hectic! Like the last 4, I worked worked worked my way through summer. I did manage to squeeze a holiday into the busy schedule, but it turned out to be more mentally exhausting than planned. In the middle of planning my one-of-three-maid-of-honour-tasks the horrible happenings at Utøya occured and I found myself sitting in front of some kind of news giving media for hours a day. In addition I have been taking care of a dog, something I loved but it meant that I was away from home to do Canada-packing.

Yesterday we had a send off party for me and my friend who is going to Sout Dakota for a semester. It turned out great, but also sad. I can’t believe I’m going to be away from all my wonderful friends for a whole year. The difference between going away for that long now and back in 2000 when I worked for that mouse, is social media. At least now we can easily keep in touch. As in not depending on collect calls and the odd slow computer.

Tonight (after work, always working) I’m finally returning home to do some packing. I’ve got a black belt in travelling so it really is easy packing. It has just been hard finding time for it.

Being a bit sad about leaving family and friends behind has been overlapped by the feeling of joy from the thus far welcome I have been given by my future house mates.

Ambivalent feelings, as you can see. But it would have been strange had it been otherwise.

Canada, in T minus 3 days! More to come!