Where I live

So I recently moved back to my hometown, Bodø .

I’ll be honest. It’s not a pretty town. It got completely destroid during WW2 and was rebuilt in a haste.

But we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature.

Beautiful mountains on a grey day

I just came home from 10 days in Toronto, and I absolutely fell in love with the city. Coming home I went from seeing this…

… to seeing this

Instead of sitting around missing Toronto  I decided to go out armed with my camera and look for the charm in Bodø.

We put a glass ceiling over parts of the main street. Bodø is a windy city with lots of bad weather. "Men vi står han av."

Because of all the bad weather we flock outside whenever we can. It’s said about us north Norwegians that when other people bundle up and complain about low temperatures, we go and get the BBQ.

The market square. A few years back the politicians decided to deny all market sellers with carts to sell from the square, which left it somewhat empty. Art was put up, and when children decided to use it as a playground a rubber surface had to be put underneath it.

The market square from a different angle. Art has been added to one wall. In the background you can see the mall Koch... yes, it is pronounced like that. The mall doesn't look very nice.

Bodø is known for all the Sea Eagles who nest here. Just the other day I saw 8 of them sitting by the water. The town has its own Sea Egle club. The only criteria to join is that you've seen an eagle.

Random art.

My favourite café/pub Kafka. They have good deals on wine and beer, good food and many events. (http://www.facebook.com/kafekafka)

Strolling around at harbour you'll find these boats selling fresh shrimps. Get some loaf, mayo and white wine and you're all set for a delicious picnic.

New buildings with a post-war house inbetween

More art. Someone made lots of holes in rocks and put them on the pier. The strong Bodø wind was supposed to howl through the holes, but that has never happened.

The "holy rock" with a mountain backdrop.

From this angle and in this weather Bodø actually looks very pretty.

Well, that was Bodø for you.


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