I do enjoy drawing. I have made thousand of drawings ever since I could hold a pencil, and not only on paper. Tables, walls, cupboards, posters and fabric are amongst the things I have used as canvas.

In retrospect I wish I’d taken a photo of the drawings I’ve made, maybe I still have some stacked away next to my cassettes, russedress, old fashioned letters and old comics up in the attic. I’ll check and maybe post some.

Anyways, I always tell myself to draw more, but then my attenion span shifts and I forget about it. I did actually draw a few before Christmas, though. Tried making sequential art, starring the bear Brumm who has travelled all over the world with me. He’s a bad bear, btw.

I also made a thank-you-for-taking-me-to-Egypt-drawing to my cousins who own 7 cats and a dog.

I WILL draw more.! It’s just that there’s so much on that thing called the Internet which calls out to me whenever I have time to sit down. That and other hobbies I’ll write more about at one point.

Well, here it goes:


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